Crain’s NYC Summit

This morning FSC attended Crain’s NYC Summit, with the keynote given by
Mayor Bill DeBlasio.
In this photo, the moderator is Richard Ravitch, Former
NYS L […]

November 2, 2016

SMPS Sponsorship Appreciation Event

FSC are Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) members. SMPS is a national  network of AEC people focused on sharing ideas and developing business. […]

July 14, 2016

Notice all those mosquitos in New York? Neither do we…

While congress has dragged its’ feet on approving a spending bill to combat the spread of Zika virus (which has spread to 60 countries and is blamed for m […]

June 21, 2016

A Cause We Care About

Exactly one week from today, our Director of Marketing, Zack Tatum, will undertake five-day, 400 mile journey by bicycle in support of the Oceans Harbor House.

June 15, 2016

Habituation, Designers, and Jerry Seinfeld

The way we learn impacts how we see the world, and our ability to perceive, and react appropriately to, the moments that shape our lives. Former Apple exec (un […]

June 6, 2016

Who will answer the world’s toughest questions?

According to the UN Refugee Agency, one in 122 people worldwide is now either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum. In New York, it’s not hard t […]

June 3, 2016

What is Architecture actually for?

Every two years, the landmark architecture exhibition Venice Architecture Biennale includes a major architect as the featured guest, as well as a smattering of […]

June 2, 2016

“Hard work is a prison sentence only if it does not have meaning.” – Malcolm Gladwell

May 15, 2016

MIT – Advances in Architectural Geometry

There are inspiring advances in materials science on the horizon. The MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST)
Present design technology far exceed […]

May 4, 2016

TED – Architectural Philosophy

The more complex the problem, simpler the solution should be. Alejandro Aravena shared his insight concerning our rapidly urbanizing world, and the radically di […]

April 24, 2016