For over 25 years, our management and team have delivered competitive value for our clients by utilizing state of the art computer hardware and software coupled with professional skills in drafting, architecture, engineering, scanning, digitization, efficiency planning, and as-built field verification. Our capabilities include Field Survey, Efficiency Planning, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Computer Aided/Integrated Facilities Management (CAFM/CIFM), and Field Verified “As-Built” Plan Development.



  • Our team has field verified in excess of 900 million square feet of space located within every type and style of building, including but not limited to: offices, hospitals, hotels and resorts, bank branches, retail malls, research labs, academic, trading floors, refineries, service stations, warehousing and distribution and residential, City, State and Federal.


  • Information gathered is used to develop accurate “as-built” drawings for a wide array of plans including: Efficiency Planning, Floor Plans, Partition Plans, Furniture Plans, Department Plans, HEGIS Plans, Evacuation Plans, Equipment Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Power, Telephone & Signal Plans, Cabling Plans, Personnel Plans, Plumbing Plans, HVAC Plans, Process Piping Plans and Site Plans.